Our mobile applications and solutions to improve your logistics structure and traceability system

Packaging identification software, process digitization, food traceability solutions and file tracking: our applications are designed intuitively to save you as much time as possible! Tailor-made or ready-to-use, they adapt to your activity and are effective after one hour of training. And yes, only an hour!

4i check


Whether you are in the maintenance, control or operational sector, this application allows you to automate your processes and create your own forms.

4i food


Hospitals, retail or the Horeca sector: Improve the traceability of your food products with an easy to install and use application.

4i files


The digital application for your paper documents! Ensure the traceability of your documents, find them at any time and never lose any files again. 


Semi-online and Online operation

No more connection? You can keep working. The information will be automatically returned to the server when retrieving the network

Data exchange with existing systems

We can connect to your computer system in order to give your ERP mobility.

Exploitation of collected data (Excel, PDF, email)

Extraction of operations, stocks, movements in Excel file, PDF or sending reports automatically to your email address

Real Time Monitoring

Track current operations in real time

Wifi or 4G connection

Our applications work in dual mode. If you lose wifi, 4G takes over and vice versa


You can configure the different languages yourself and automatically associate them with the relevant staff

Tailor-made application

We can develop the tailor-made application that meets your specific needs. These applications enjoy the same advantages as those already developed for optimal efficiency