4i traceability projects

Each client deserves a project assessment that is specific to them, and the realization of a tailor-made project. The “4i” team uses its different logistics and traceability skills to implement an effective solution. Discover some of our projects.

Implementing 4Check for eRamp

The eRamp project consists of optimizing the IT traceability of the department’s operations. One of the tasks of eRamp is the removal of paper forms and the digitization of processes in order to streamline and automate the flow of data.

Management of air cargo centers

Lufthansa Systems Berlin develops and markets the Electronic Logistics & Warehouse Information System (ELWIS) enterprise software package for airport cargo centers. LSB wanted to implement a simple manipulation module, to manage the input and output registers by means of mobile terminals

Pharmaceutical traceability software

4i has developed 3 traceability applications for CERP Rouen (ASTERA group) for the distribution of medicine and relations between pharmacies